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What We Know

What We Know

At Third Wave, we understand that no two schools are the same and every school has its own set of challenges that cannot be addressed by one set of standard solutions.

In every situation, we want to meet with our clients to understand their challenges and their context. We will work with them to create a sustainable strategy that they can then take forward.

We are strong advocates of supporting teams to develop capacity from the inside, rather than through lengthy periods of external intervention. Using our proven expertise and national networks, we work in partnership with our clients to spread excellence, raise aspirations and ultimately narrow the achievement gap. From the start, it remains their vision and their mission. Our role is not to take control but instead, give them the support and the tools to take it forward.

We also know that chemistry between individuals is vital. With this in mind, we work hard to match our clients with the right members of our extended team to ensure a positive working relationship.

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