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Meet the team

Kerry Batten
Managing Director

Kerry leads a young, dynamic team and drives Third Wave forward as a school improvement partner. With her passion for improving education from within, Kerry positions the organisation to be at the front of key educational changes.

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Jemma Lusty
Director of School Improvement

Jemma is inspired and motivated by developing teachers’ knowledge and understanding she has a passion for language and a wealth of experience working within an outstanding federation of schools.

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Samantha Hutchins

Sam manages our programmes and events providing support to our clients and consultants, ensuring that everything we do is run with accuracy and integrity.

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Kelly Marshall

Kelly manages our programmes and events providing support to our clients and external consultants, ensuring that everything is run with accuracy and integrity.

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Claire Tyler
Finance Manager

As well as managing Third Wave’s finances, Claire works closely with and supports a number of our clients in school improvement matters.

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Front Line Experts

We have a large pool of current headteachers who have led or are leaders of high performing schools. They bring a wealth of experience and are at the cutting edge of the education agenda.

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Ex HMI Inspectors, Auditors and Challenge Advisors
Strategic School Improvement

As highly trained professionals, these individuals have unique abilities to support schools, academies and teachers. They hold vast experience in school improvement and leading inspections.

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Senior Education Figures
Key players include...

We work with a number of senior figures in the education sector who bring a wealth of experience and expertise across the breadth of the education arena.

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NLE, LLE and Outstanding Headteachers
School-to-School Expertise

We have an extensive network of partnerships with a range of NLEs, LLEs and SLEs who work alongside our clients in a school-to-school model to increase capacity of schools to help raise standards.

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