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Zoe McIntyre
Zoe McIntyre, Principal

TWE had supported the academy in 2014/2015 with writing, having a huge impact on teaching and learning in Years 2 and 4. The academy approached Third Wave and it was agreed that an outstanding practitioner would spend a week working in year 6 on suspense writing. Jemma immediately engaged the Year 6 pupils through her expertise enthusiasm and expectation. She used games to enable the pupils to have fun and learn. Her use of images meant that the pupils could work collaboratively to gather voca

Russell Kaye
Headteacher East Oxford Primary School

Thank you for the Reading training you provided us with at the start of term, Sept 2016. The staff were buzzing with ideas and, as I hoped, everyone got something different from it, so lots of different things being tried out at the moment. You even hooked XXX, which isn't always easy! Will get back in touch next time I need reading training, and definitely for a revision planning session with Year 6 in the run up to SATs.

Gemma Hubbard
Year 6 Leader, Lincroft Middle School, Bedford

Thank you so, so much for such an amazing and insightful day today. The knowledge you have given me and helped me to secure is so very valuable. I can not thank you enough. It is amazing that you can leave after a few hours and feel no stone has been left unturned. Furthermore, I feel very enthusiastic about the future of my grammar teaching. Attendance at Grammar Course

Nikkie Pickering
KS2 Manager, Year 6 teacher, Orchard Academy, Milton Keynes

I really appreciate all the support and advice that you have already provided: there has been a noticeable improvements in the children's writing and the sessions have clearly had a huge impact on them. Please accept my thanks for your commitment to supporting us. June 2015 This followed several sessions of targeted level 5 writing support, to year 6 pupils. Dear Mrs.Lusty, ..We admired your teaching: without you we would never have been able to climb that mountain in order to get L5...

Francis Kearns
Teacher Year 3, Hardingstone Academy

As a teach first teacher I have really enjoyed the support from TWE and I have learned a lot. Jemma demonstrated a number of different approaches to various literacy activities, and explained the thinking behind them. She also modelled a number of classroom management techniques and left some resources to use in future lessons. Overall it was a very useful experience as I have already used some of the techniques in my own practice. I look forward to working more with Third Wave in the future.

Steve Harrington-Wililams
Headteacher, Brooklands Middle School

Thank you for the report following the English Curriculum Review provided by TWE. The report did make a number of insightful observations and practical recommendations which will be crucial to moving English and the school forward. Once again thank you and please pass on our thanks to the team for their efforts, they did a splendid job and we enjoyed working with them.

Mary Murdoch
Ex Headteacher, OLEVI / TWE Accrediated Facilitator

" The teachers that come on the programmes feel better about themselves, it makes them feel re-impassioned about teaching and better informed about the craft of teaching. That means that children in classrooms are getting a better deal, and that’s what we’re all here for. I just think that’s hugely exciting to be part of ".